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The 125th Street Business Improvement District is proud to present the Harlem Passport!

Thank you for choosing to shop locally. When you buy your wants and needs on 125th Street, you keep your money in our amazing community!

Please upload your receipts here. All purchases at any business on 125th Street from December 15, 2020 to February 14, 2021 are valid.

Shoppers who upload five receipts before February 14, 2021 will be entered to win $1,000 cash! Shoppers who upload four or fewer receipts will be entered to win prizes from 125th Street Business Improvement District member businesses.

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The 125th Street Business Improvement District is proud to present Harlem Holiday Lights...Part Two!!

"Harlem To Me Is" - sponsored by Columbia University Data Science Institute

COVID19  has forced us to communicate digitally more and more. During our virtual Harlem Holiday Lights 2020 celebration we continue to provide ways to connect with each other through the digital space and bring the incredible Harlem community together.  To bring the Harlem Holiday Lights cheer that we know and love to everyone, we're asking Harlem community members to submit videos telling us what Harlem means to you.

"Harlem To Me Is" started during HHL2019.  

We invite you to make a video of your heartfelt expression of what Harlem Mean to You.

It's easy.

1.  Start Your Video

2.  Say your name

3.  Followed by what Harlem Means to you.....

4.  Complete the submittable form here and upload your video and send it to us.

We will add the custom designed frame, include your video on the Harlem To Me instagram page and  and send the video back to you.  You will be able to share it on your social media platforms.

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125th Street Business Improvement District partners with Schneps Media To expand the “Harlem Canvas For Change” project from the boarded up storefronts into print and digital media platforms.

This initiative seeks four interns, 2 high school and 2college students from HARLEM. to work at  Schneps Media  beginning ___________ and ending _____________.  This internship will provide an introductory work experience in the print and digital media profession. The selected interns will gain experience and insight into the industry while also having an opportunity to capture the thoughts feelings and ideas of other young people on social justice. They will interact with the community and report and record the creation of new walls on 125th Street.  This project will allow new voices  into the discussion.  


Background on Harlem Canvas For Change

During a devastating week of anguish in the middle of a global pandemic, the 125th Street BID, feeling the pain of the protestors in the community and around the world, initiated “Harlem Canvas For Change” (HCFC). HCFC calls for property owners and businesses along 125th street who had boarded up their storefronts with plywood, to paint the walls black and turn them into a canvas for people to express their ideas and emotions on social justice. 

The response from owners and businesses in this historic Black community, was almost instantaneous.  The plywood protecting store windows and dissuading vandalism, would be painted black and turned into a living canvas calling for social justice in all forms and inviting everyone to share their emotions, feelings and sense of frustration in a creative way – through words, drawings, poems and verse. Blick Art Supplies, a tenant on 125th Street provided the graphic medium.

Since that time 5 walls were painted in 3 locations and 2 more are in the works. The walls now depict the raw emotions many are feeling and have lived with, even before the public execution of Mr. George Floyd. Now that Phase 2 for re-opening New York City is in effect and the board up walls are coming down, there is a need to preserve existing walls and move on to new forms of expression.  

Internship Amount:  $________

Criteria and Application:  

Application Opening:  _____________

Application Closing:  ______________

Winners will receive notification:  _____date______



The Student:

-  Must live in Harlem (from 96th Street to _________

-  High School Students Must be Junior or Senior level

-  High School Students Must obtain parents permission

-  College Student Must attend a college in New York State

-  Must Have Strong Writing Skills

-  Must have great Tech Skills


Application Requirements:

Applicants will be required to respond to the following:  

-  A brief description of  your interest in doing an internship.   

-  A list of previous work experiences  

-  A brief summary of how your life has been affected by social justice in America.

-  A brief summary of how your life has been impacted by COVID19.

-  A statement on how this internship will help you with your career goals.

Supplemental Materials:

-  A copy of your most recent grade report 

-  Evidence of residence in Harlem for at least 6 months

-  Sample of your writing

-  Listing of your computer skills

Send any questions to